Wednesday, 11 March 2009

UD record - Mapping by Weekday

I have quickly generated a track map coded according to weekdays. It is coded in orange for the weekend tracks and in brownish for the week days.
A comment on analysis of the pattern will follow...
Click on the image to see a higher resolution image.

Image by urbanTick for UrbanDiary


radek said...

nice work :]

it is little bit difficult to distinguish between colours tho.. especially in densely visited areas..

im not a cartographer myself but i think u could try mapping it out as a series of small multiples [concept of Tufte for graphs].. perhaps for each day of the week.. or week vs. weekend?

fan said...

Thanx for the comment. You are completely right, the colours are not the best choice. I kind of rushed the drawing out and will revisit this. I tried mainly to distinguish between weekends and week days with brown and orange, but yea, a better version is under way.