Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Mental Maps on Google

Google has put online a set of maps containing local knowledge. Basically it represents pieces of local peoples mental map by locating their favourite spots and share it with the world. They can be accessed at Google Favorite Places.
Vancouver is the first Canadian city to go online and ten local experts share their most important places as the Google Blog reports.
Bif Naked (map) - rock singer-songwriter, breast-cancer survivor, Gordon Campbell (map) - Premier of British Columbia, Kit Pearson (map) - children's book writer, Governor General's Award winner, Monte Clark (map) - owner of Monte Clark Gallery, Rebecca Bollwitt (map) - Vancouver's Best Blogger & Top Twitter User for, Rob Feenie (map) - Food Concept Architect for Cactus Restaurants, Iron Chef champion, Ross Rebagliati (map) - Olympic Gold Medallist, snowboarding, Simon Whitfield (map) - Olympic Gold & Silver Medallist, David Eaves - public policy entrepreneur, open government specialist (map), triathlon (list taken from
But you also get other famous peoples favourite locations, as for example Al Gore’s spots or Tony Hawk’s most liked places. All in all this could start building up a personal world view through favourite spots. However at the same time it also points out the limitation of the Google Maps interface and especially the graphics. THe way locations get tagged and how information is embedded really is not intuitive.

View Ross Rebagliati's Favorite Places in a larger map

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David Eaves said...


Thank you for the ping back.

One small thing. I contributed a map as well! (It's further down in my post)

David Eaves - public policy entrepreneur, open government specialist (map)

fan said...

David, thanks for the reminder. I am sorry for not including this information.
How would you describe your contribution? Does it connect to actual memories you have of the places?

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